Lorna Lorraine


Croydon, PA


I am Lorna Lorraine, a self-taught Abstract Expressionist Artist specializing in pastel and driven by inspiring others. I recognized my ability to express my imaginable theories into abstract realism at age 50. Starting Art after publishing my first anthology, I have defied age and gender-related stereotypes. It was not a part of my plan, but my vision emerged upon viewing the works of some talented artists and artisans at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen where I volunteered academic services. I eventually joined them in a permanent exhibit of artwork in the art cooperative known as the A-Team. I credit the group for my ephemeral growth into living an artful life.

Just like my poetic expressions, my artwork follows a similar theme of light contrasting dark. My inspiration comes from colors of my Jamaican heritage, people and the world. After an introduction to pastel, I developed a fascination with that medium. Although I have a few watercolors, oils, acrylics, charcoals and pencil works, most of my works are in pastel or blends of pastel and acrylic. My first passion is portraits in pastel on matboard, mixed media, acrylics, and ink on wood panel or canvas. Other works can be seen in Illustrations for children's storybooks. I currently show my works through postcards, greeting cards, coasters, posters, tiles, and portraits, and some have been shown in the following publications:

Lambertville Beacon 2002
Bucks County Herald 2004
Trenton Times 2004
Princeton Packet 2006

In addition I have participated in several invitational, non-juried shows where I sold artwork


Prallsville Mills - Stockton, NJ

Methodist Church - Hamilton, NJ
Morrisville Presbyterian Church - Morrisville, PA
Prallsville Mills - Stockton, NJ

Barron Arts Center - Woodbridge, NJ
Cedar Hill Convalescent Center - Cedar Grove, NJ
Marriott Conference Center - Trenton, NJ
Morrisville Presbyterian Church - Morrisville, PA
Prallsville Mills - Stockton, NJ
Princeton Medical Center Fete - Princeton, NJ
Princeton University Chapel - Princeton, NJ

Artworks outdoor show - Trenton, NJ
Artworks Gallery show - Trenton, NJ
Cedar Hill Convalescent Center - Cedar Grove, NJ
North 25 Apartments Art Show - Trenton, NJ
Princeton University Hunger Awareness Week Art Show - Princeton, NJ
Saint James Church - Pennington, NJ
Share Our Strength Art Show - Princeton, NJ
Trinity Cathedral Art Show - Trenton, NJ
Your Resource - Trenton, NJ

Reading Senior Resource Center - Trenton, NJ
Gourgaud Gallery - Cranbury, NJ
Montgomery Arts Center - Skillman, NJ

"Poetry Papas and Pampering" Maxine's Restaurant - Trenton, NJ
"A Bowl of Comfort" The Underground Railroad - Burlington, NJ
"Open House" Dream Publishing - King of Prussia, PA
"Artist Extraordinaire" Simply Netfah Boutique -- Willingboro, NJ


serious by Lorna Lorraine


Scaredy Cat by Lorna Lorraine


Runaway by Lorna Lorraine


rhythm wilde by Lorna Lorraine


polynesian flower by Lorna Lorraine


pensive by Lorna Lorraine


old man by Lorna Lorraine


mountain grazer by Lorna Lorraine


Leo2 by Lorna Lorraine


Jacques by Lorna Lorraine


en rose by Lorna Lorraine


Dreads by Lorna Lorraine


desert dawn by Lorna Lorraine


consuela by Lorna Lorraine


Conflict by Lorna Lorraine


Caribbean Queen by Lorna Lorraine


Brighteyes by Lorna Lorraine


Boy Lost by Lorna Lorraine


Bare Essence by Lorna Lorraine


Aware by Lorna Lorraine


Another Leo by Lorna Lorraine


All Smiles by Lorna Lorraine


Young Seer by Lorna Lorraine


Surf of Love 2 by Lorna Lorraine


Surf of Love 1 by Lorna Lorraine


Sunburned by Lorna Lorraine


Mistreated by Lorna Lorraine


Little Sister by Lorna Lorraine


Idren by Lorna Lorraine


Empress by Lorna Lorraine


Cool Cool Collie by Lorna Lorraine


Cerebral Mask by Lorna Lorraine


Bohemian Beauty by Lorna Lorraine


ThirdWorld kids by Lorna Lorraine


Aqua Passions by Lorna Lorraine


Master of the jungle 2 by Lorna Lorraine